Day 13

I was going to start the day with Oscar Meyer Turkey bacon but had to throw out the entire package – it had a Use By date which had long past

Back to the eggs I boiled yesterday. I embrace my oneness with eggs. Tomorrow I will likely learn they cause cancer.

I had grilled up 4 burger patties the other night – they look a bit like hockey pucks. I think they are a bit dense and actually prefer to make my own patties from lean ground beef. Thinking maybe even a turkey burger might be good. I changed it up a bit by melting goat cheese on top.

I’m trying a new recipe for dinner from the same source as last weeks recipes

Easy Baked Pesto Chicken Recipe link

I used thin sliced chicken breasts and only used two. I used store bought pesto in a jar since I still have not located my food processor. I used a Pyrex pie pan instead and baked for 20 and then added cheese and cooked for another 5 while I microwaved my steam fresh frozen broccoli

A bit heavy on the pesto but delicious. Actually was too much pesto. I could only eat half of it.

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